Sunday, November 21, 2010

Back in the groove

I spent this morning soaking in the atmosphere at Northey Street market in the company of my two girls, Miss 2 and Miss 7 weeks.

It was delightful! I thoroughly enjoy being back in the market groove; the hustle and bustle of packing the car, getting to the market, setting up the stall, sitting back and enjoying the vibe and chatting to other stallholders. It's so nice to be in a place where people are passionate about things that matter so much to me- breastfeeding, babywearing, homebirth, sustainable living, ecology, permaculture to name a few.

Northey Street always has such lovely caring people. I met some wonderful people today, and bumped into many friends. I'm looking forward to going back in 2 weeks time with Fauve Fibres.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Vintage pink

I made this cute summer top for Miss 2. It's a Breezy bamboo/cotton knit bodice (pattern by Shannon) and an upcycled cotton skirt. I really surprised myself with this. Firstly, by making my daughter something pink, then secondly by actually liking said pink item! It's very sweet and perfect for our hot Brisbane summers.

I ordered some Bendigo cotton to make more of these and am hoping it holds its shape better than this Moda Vera bamboo/cotton blend. This is lovely and soft but just doesn't hold its shape at all! If the Bendogo cotton bodice works out then I'll be making some for markets.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Vintage sweetness

Big shout out to the rain for keeping my husband home today so I could finish a few more things for the BrisStyle ECO market :)

I'm working my way through a pile of crafty goodness but realising that I'm just not going to get all that I had hoped to get done, done. I'll just keep working away when I can and build up for the BrisStyle designer market on the 4th December.

These sweet vintage peasant tops are made from upcycled vintage fabrics and one features a recycled doilie and French lace my grandmother gave me. They are so sweet!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

November ECO market

The next BrisStyle ECO market is on 6th November. I'll be there, sharing a lovely outdoors marquee with Kate from dash robin, with a whole host of upcycled, recycled and repurposed kids clothing and accessories. I'm making what I can, but progress is a little slower than usual, thanks to three adorable but very time consuming individuals, in particular Miss 3 weeks, though Mr almost 4 and Miss 2 do a pretty good job of distracting me as well :)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Look at this. Just look at this!! 125g of handspun, hand dyed rainbow gradient BFL, given to me yesterday by Sally from Fauve Fibres. I love it so much I could scream! I love bright, I love rainbow, I love handmade. And this is all that, plus more! Just because she's awesome and knows I prefer bulky/chunky yarns, it's a 12/14ply to top it off. Now, the big question, what to make with it?

Friday, October 1, 2010

And then there were 5...

Our third baby and second daughter joined us earthside at 1.53am on the 30th September. She was born by candle light into her daddy's hands in our lounge room. It was a beautiful birth, being a night labour and birth by candle light, with lightning, thunder and rain storming outside.  A beautiful way to welcome the last member of our family.

Our other two children were woken to be there when she was born so it was another lovely family birth for us. She took 9 hours to join us, weighed in at 3.96kg (just under 9lb) and was born with her hand on her face, just like her sister. So far she has been as quiet and calm as her birth was, and needless to say the entire family is completely smitten with her!

Welcome Anya.

Friday, August 13, 2010

My last market

I'm really sad to say that I'm doing my last market on Saturday night. Well, the last before this baby is born. I'll be at the launch of Mumatopia, which promises to be a night filled with handmade and environmentally aware products and most exciting, birthy goodness! It's quite symbolic, I think, that my last market is a celebration of birth and community.

I'm almost 32w, my first was born at 34w and my second at 38w, and she was overdone. She had been trying to birth from 35w, so the only thing I'm sure of, is that I have early babies. Meaning, it's time for me to slow down and rest up before I have this babe. Which is weeks away! We're all very excited, it's another homebirth for our family and this will be our last baby. So I'm going to do my best at resting as much as I can.

I'm hoping to be back into the swing of things as soon as I can, and will definitely be taking our newest addition to the Northey Street markets when I feel up to it. In the meantime, I'll be listing all my market stock on etsy so if you've seen something you like at one of the markets I've been at, that's where you can find me for now.

Thanks for your understanding :)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Basket of ducks for market day

I've got this basket of nested ducks, each with three ducklings tucked safely in their wing pocket, ready for market tomorrow. I'll be at Northey Street City Farm in the morning, sharing a stall with Fauve Fibres and looking forward to a morning of good company, music and the Northey Street vibe.

I've got these ducks, chicken cushions, hairclips, clothes and kids mei tais, all made from upcycled, recycled or repurposed materials. If you're about, please come on over and say hi!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Soulful Spring Sounds

A few weeks ago I was accepted as a stall holder for the markets at the very first Soulful Spring Sounds Music Festival at Warrego Wines, near Marburg. It looks to be a wonderful day out. It'll feature a local handmade and organic market plus live jazz, blues and roots acts. Warrego Wines is QLD's only certified organic winery.

You can read more about the festival on their Facebook page, but details are; 

Saturday 11th September
Warrego Wines
Cnr Warrego Highway and Seminary Rd, Marburg
Free Entry

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Weekend of rest

Today is Saturday, 31st July. I'm meant to be set up at the Red Hill Fair, enjoying good company, the lovely weather and a fun day out. Instead, I'm at home, still in my pj's, with a strained abdominal ligament, whilst 7 months pregnant. So sorry to miss those of you who were going to pop in and say hi.

I'm having a quiet day of resting and knitting. I've almost finished a gorgeous rainbow gradient knitted dress for my daughter and am going to make some newborn things for our new babe, due sooner than we are ready for! So in some ways, being forced to rest and take it easy at this point is a good thing. I look forward to being back at the Northey Street City Farm Village Life market next weekend.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Red Hill Fair

The Red Hill Fair is on Saturday 31st July. It looks to be a fun day out, especially for families. There'll be rides, sideshows, food and over 40 craft stalls... including me!

I'm really looking forward to it, especially after the fun of the BrisStyle Indie Eco Market. I had a ball on Saturday, sold out of a few ranges and had loads of lovely visitors. I probably won't have space for kids clothes at this market, but I will have nested ducks, hanging doves and chicken cushions with me, and whatever else I can squeeze onto my table.

Oh that reminds me, I didn't get time to share the doves and chickens with you before the market, so here they are;

Hanging doves

Chicken cushions...

... and their patchwork backs.

All the birds are made out of recycled fabrics. The hanging doves were uber retro, made out of op-shopped fabric I had been hoarding since I was a teenager! The chickens had more of a vintage feel, some featured doilies as wings, others had pocket wings with lace trim and others just had big, funky, oversized pocket wings.

So, a heap of handmade birds and other upcycled crafty goodness, and myself, will be at Red Hill Fair on Saturday 31st July, maybe we'll see you there :)

Monday, July 5, 2010

Weekend creations

I'm realising that I'm not going to have all I had hoped to have made in time for Saturday thanks to a sick babe. But, that's ok. I'm still really happy with what I have and think it will be an awesome market, what's not to love about an eco-friendly market loaded with upcycled and recycled handmade goodies?

So these are the items I finished over the weekend; 2 hanging bird mobiles and some crochet brooches. The dove mobiles are made from recycled fabrics and old embroidery hoops I picked up in an op-shop, only their stuffing is new. They're contrasting spots and stripes.

I made some crochet brooches out of left over hand dyed wool I had. My children were cloth nappied, and I dyed and knit their wool nappy covers and have these scraps of gorgeous dyed wool left over, I'm glad to be able to use them. I made several before Christmas for a twilight market and enjoyed making them again. They're so bright and cheerful!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Upcycled boys tunics

Finally, something for the boys! These long sleeve tunics are made entirely from upcycled fabrics and come in sizes 1-5. They're headed to the BrisStyle Indie ECO Market with me and are perfect over a short or long sleeve t-shirt on a warm winter day, or over a t-shirt in spring. They could even be worn to the park or beach as sun protection in summer.

I made these with boys in mind, but as my husband pointed out, my version of boys clothing isn't your stereotypical boys stuff, so quite a few of them are unisex. I don't see why boys clothing is always so limited. What's with boys only ever having cars, trucks, trains or planes to choose from? Or blue? My son isn't interested in any of that. Give him animals and rainbows anyday. I also get really frustrated to go to markets to find a huge range of handmade clothes for girls, and just about nothing for boys, so I'm happy to stock boys clothes, that aren't just a pair of funky pants. I'll be doing short sleeve versions of these when it warms up.

So, in addition to the upcycled vintage girls clothing I make, I'll also have a selection of environmentally aware boys clothing to choose from on July 10. Oh and a range of other recycled and repurposed kids things such as nested duck toys, bird mobiles, crayon rolls, art totes and hairclips.

If you want to see individual photos of any of the images I've got in these collages, have a look at my Facebook page. Oh, and if you haven't already read it, have a read of my little blurb on the BrisStyle blog :)

Friday, June 25, 2010

Hairclips, ducks and on not being quick enough!

Just a quick snap of some hairclips I've just finished, alongside the mama ducks I made a few weeks ago. It's all starting to come together, I'm really looking forward to the BrisStyle Indie ECO market. I love the idea of a market that is environmentally responsible, I just love it! The actual clip of the hairclip is brand new, but the fabric and buttons are a mix of new and recycled materials. Be sure to check out the BrisStyle blog to read interviews with other marketeers and see what gorgeous goodies they have in store for market day.

Oh, and just a few more snaps to show you what happens round these parts when I'm not quick enough with the camera!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Vintage peasant tops

I've been sewing, sewing, sewing for the next market, and this weekend finished a collection of upcycled, long sleeve vintage peasant tops. They're almost 100% recycled- only the thread and elastic is new! These are definitely one of a kind, and what's not to love about clothing that is unique, but also gentle on the earth? These are light long sleeve tops, perfect for warmer winter days and over t shirts in spring.

These tops plus many other upcycled, recycled and repurposed items of kids clothing and accessories will be heading to the BrisStyle Indie ECO market with me on July 10!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Mama ducks headed to market

Three mama ducks headed to market next weekend, with their ducklings in their pouch, as my son tells me. I assure him ducks don't carry their young in pouches, but for a kid who has been carried in pouches, slings, wraps and other baby wearing carriers since birth, and has seen his sister carried the same, I guess that's all he knows!

I just have to make sure I keep them away from my daughter, she loves hers to death and clearly has more love to give judging by her excitement at seeing these three finished toys. One lucky duckling spent a good ten minutes being carried to sleep in her arms before I could convince her it probably should go back to it's mother. Then onto the highest shelf in the study.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Brisbane's Melting Pot craft market

A little original will be at Brisbane's Melting Pot craft market on Sat 8th May and Sun 9th May, 11.30am to 5 pm. My clothes will be at the Fauve Fibres stall- along side stunning handspun yarns, handdyed organic merino wool yarn, fibres for spinning, felted goodness and dyed scarves. My friend Sally is very talented and very passionate about her craft- it's worth going along just to see her and her wares!

"There's a world of music bubbling away in Brisbane's diverse communities. This melting pot of multi-culturalism will be celebrated during the monthly series of FREE entertainment and activities to be held at QPAC's Cascade Court and Melbourne Street Green.

Traversing the globe from Asia to Europe, Africa and the Americas, Brisbane's Melting Pot will feature an array of ethnic delicacies from local communities including traditional fare, arts and craft, new world music and dance.

Gather your family and friends and join the global citizens of Brisbane's new world city as we celebrate diversity, community and culture through the universal languages of food and music.

Folkloric traditions, classical compositions and contemporary pop music come together to mark the European influence on a western culture steeped in delicious diversity".
Where: Cascade Court and Melbourne Street Green, QPAC, South Bank, Brisbane

Thursday, April 22, 2010


I'm so excited to announce that I'm now a very proud member of BrisStyle- Brisbane's indie designer collective. They hold several markets throughout the year, have a Facebook group and have many beautiful handmade items for sale on Etsy. I'm so excited to be part of such a talented group of crafters!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Etsy listing

I have just listed 5 girls vintage tops in my etsy shop. I was intending to hold them till the next market I do, but I'm not sure when that will be so I decided to list them instead. I really am working on getting some boys tunics out there, I promise!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Three little ducks

Three little ducks went out one day
Over the hill and far away

Mother duck said "Quack quack quack quack"
But only two little ducks came back
Two little ducks went out one day
Over the hill and far away
Mother duck said "Quack quack quack quack"
But only one little duck came back

One little duck went out one day
Over the hill and far away
Mother duck said "Quack quack quack quack"
But none of the three little ducks came back

Sad mother duck went out one day
Over the hill and far away
Sad mother duck said "Quack quack quack quack"
And all of the three little ducks came back.

My daughter loves this song. It's the first song she learnt and she sings it with the actions and everything, it's very cute. So I made her this duck, with an elastic wing pocket so she could store the ducklings with their mama. It's quite handy actually, it stores well so you don't end up with bits everywhere. I'm hoping to make a few for the next market I do.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Vintage tunics

I am so excited to be sharing these with you. I feel like I have been working on these forever! This idea began back in November last year (seen here, modelled by my darling boy- Oh my, I've just seen how much older he looks since then!).

I worked on the pattern for a while, and am now really happy with it. I intended for these to be mainly for boys, but then I couldn't resist a long sleeved top for girls. So, here are the first two vintage tops/tunics, made from recycled fabrics. What do you think?

Vintage girls top with brown check pocket with lace trim. Size 2.

Vintage boys tunic with contrast neckline. Size 3.

Boys tunic being modelled by Mr 3.5 who has already claimed this as his...

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Blue birds and red bears

These were so much fun to make, and I absolutely love how they finished up!

Vintage blue birds peasant top, with blue gingham sleeves and front detail, with pink buttons hand sewn on. A size 3.

Vintage red bears peasant top with little bears playing with boats, and buckets and spades with scattered stars, and two big red pockets with vintage blue buttons. A size 5.