Friday, April 9, 2010

Vintage tunics

I am so excited to be sharing these with you. I feel like I have been working on these forever! This idea began back in November last year (seen here, modelled by my darling boy- Oh my, I've just seen how much older he looks since then!).

I worked on the pattern for a while, and am now really happy with it. I intended for these to be mainly for boys, but then I couldn't resist a long sleeved top for girls. So, here are the first two vintage tops/tunics, made from recycled fabrics. What do you think?

Vintage girls top with brown check pocket with lace trim. Size 2.

Vintage boys tunic with contrast neckline. Size 3.

Boys tunic being modelled by Mr 3.5 who has already claimed this as his...


  1. They are supercute Vanessa :D

  2. Very very cute Vanessa. I can see why your little man has claimed it as his. :)

  3. I have a sheet set in that boys fabric sitting in my linen press :-P. Love it!

  4. Oh I remember when you got that fabric! All too gorgeous, would love to make one of these one of these days :D

  5. Lordy, I am making boys pants in almost identical fabric to the boys tunic fabric RIGHT NOW. Mine has a Greek flag rather than an Aussie one, and a pirate instead of a bear(?) in a balloon. It was a pillowcase find at an opshop. How strange...

  6. I used to have those sheets when I was a kid!! In fact, I'm sure my Mum still has them in her linen press somewhere - she doesn't throw ANYTHING out!! Which reminds me, I need to raid her cupboards.....