Saturday, July 31, 2010

Weekend of rest

Today is Saturday, 31st July. I'm meant to be set up at the Red Hill Fair, enjoying good company, the lovely weather and a fun day out. Instead, I'm at home, still in my pj's, with a strained abdominal ligament, whilst 7 months pregnant. So sorry to miss those of you who were going to pop in and say hi.

I'm having a quiet day of resting and knitting. I've almost finished a gorgeous rainbow gradient knitted dress for my daughter and am going to make some newborn things for our new babe, due sooner than we are ready for! So in some ways, being forced to rest and take it easy at this point is a good thing. I look forward to being back at the Northey Street City Farm Village Life market next weekend.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Red Hill Fair

The Red Hill Fair is on Saturday 31st July. It looks to be a fun day out, especially for families. There'll be rides, sideshows, food and over 40 craft stalls... including me!

I'm really looking forward to it, especially after the fun of the BrisStyle Indie Eco Market. I had a ball on Saturday, sold out of a few ranges and had loads of lovely visitors. I probably won't have space for kids clothes at this market, but I will have nested ducks, hanging doves and chicken cushions with me, and whatever else I can squeeze onto my table.

Oh that reminds me, I didn't get time to share the doves and chickens with you before the market, so here they are;

Hanging doves

Chicken cushions...

... and their patchwork backs.

All the birds are made out of recycled fabrics. The hanging doves were uber retro, made out of op-shopped fabric I had been hoarding since I was a teenager! The chickens had more of a vintage feel, some featured doilies as wings, others had pocket wings with lace trim and others just had big, funky, oversized pocket wings.

So, a heap of handmade birds and other upcycled crafty goodness, and myself, will be at Red Hill Fair on Saturday 31st July, maybe we'll see you there :)

Monday, July 5, 2010

Weekend creations

I'm realising that I'm not going to have all I had hoped to have made in time for Saturday thanks to a sick babe. But, that's ok. I'm still really happy with what I have and think it will be an awesome market, what's not to love about an eco-friendly market loaded with upcycled and recycled handmade goodies?

So these are the items I finished over the weekend; 2 hanging bird mobiles and some crochet brooches. The dove mobiles are made from recycled fabrics and old embroidery hoops I picked up in an op-shop, only their stuffing is new. They're contrasting spots and stripes.

I made some crochet brooches out of left over hand dyed wool I had. My children were cloth nappied, and I dyed and knit their wool nappy covers and have these scraps of gorgeous dyed wool left over, I'm glad to be able to use them. I made several before Christmas for a twilight market and enjoyed making them again. They're so bright and cheerful!