Friday, May 28, 2010

Mama ducks headed to market

Three mama ducks headed to market next weekend, with their ducklings in their pouch, as my son tells me. I assure him ducks don't carry their young in pouches, but for a kid who has been carried in pouches, slings, wraps and other baby wearing carriers since birth, and has seen his sister carried the same, I guess that's all he knows!

I just have to make sure I keep them away from my daughter, she loves hers to death and clearly has more love to give judging by her excitement at seeing these three finished toys. One lucky duckling spent a good ten minutes being carried to sleep in her arms before I could convince her it probably should go back to it's mother. Then onto the highest shelf in the study.


  1. I can se why your daughter has so much affection for them, they are so adorable.

  2. I love these! such a sweet idea (so glad I just found your blog - your work is beautiful)