Saturday, August 7, 2010

Basket of ducks for market day

I've got this basket of nested ducks, each with three ducklings tucked safely in their wing pocket, ready for market tomorrow. I'll be at Northey Street City Farm in the morning, sharing a stall with Fauve Fibres and looking forward to a morning of good company, music and the Northey Street vibe.

I've got these ducks, chicken cushions, hairclips, clothes and kids mei tais, all made from upcycled, recycled or repurposed materials. If you're about, please come on over and say hi!


  1. Very very sweet!
    Wish I could be there - and hope you have a fantastic day :-)

  2. I love these sweet little ducks i used to have a chicken one my mother made me it was alot of fun. Kids get alot of enjoyment from them.

  3. oh what a fine display!

    i enjoy the rather dee-lite-ful pictures your splendid blog!

    keep up the wonderful posts!