Monday, July 5, 2010

Weekend creations

I'm realising that I'm not going to have all I had hoped to have made in time for Saturday thanks to a sick babe. But, that's ok. I'm still really happy with what I have and think it will be an awesome market, what's not to love about an eco-friendly market loaded with upcycled and recycled handmade goodies?

So these are the items I finished over the weekend; 2 hanging bird mobiles and some crochet brooches. The dove mobiles are made from recycled fabrics and old embroidery hoops I picked up in an op-shop, only their stuffing is new. They're contrasting spots and stripes.

I made some crochet brooches out of left over hand dyed wool I had. My children were cloth nappied, and I dyed and knit their wool nappy covers and have these scraps of gorgeous dyed wool left over, I'm glad to be able to use them. I made several before Christmas for a twilight market and enjoyed making them again. They're so bright and cheerful!


  1. Gorgeous!
    wish I lived a little closer and could pop by :-)
    Hope you have a great day.