Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sunday market

I had my usual stall at the Village Life market at Northey Street City Farm on Sunday, along side Fauve Fibres and Dash Robin. And as usual, it was a lovely morning sitting around chatting to beautiful people; catching up with friends and making new ones. I only had Ms 5 months with me and many willing arms to hold her so she was content and so was I. I came home with two new books and a pile of gorgeous yarn. See!

The kids book is a beautiful book about babywearing across different cultures. We're a big babywearing family. Our 4 year old is still back carried at times and our 5 month old just about lives in a carrier, like her siblings did at her age. It's a really lovely book, I'm so glad to be teaching my children about connection and attachment whilst living in a society that models disconnection and violence so well.

The second book is an early 90's baby craft book. It's got some outrageously ugly patterns in it, but it has some very sweet toy and bag patterns as well! Oh and it was free, who can argue with that.

These yarns are all Sally from Fauve Fibres dyeing creations. 50g 8 ply pure wool, 140g 10ply cotton and 200g 10 ply pure wool. I wound the aqua-purple skein last night, intending to make something for winter for Ms 2. The colours are incredible.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

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