Friday, March 4, 2011

g r e e n i e

The only craft I seem to be doing at the moment is knitting. I guess that's because I usually have a sleeping baby on my back and I've got to pace the hallway, or I'm out and about so much that I stuff my knitting into my bag as I'm heading out the door. I'm not complaining, I'm really enjoying putting a huge dint in my wool stash :) Means I can replenish it at some point! I recently finished this soaker for Miss 5 months.

I just adore it. It's 100% organic merino. I don't think I've felt a softer yarn. It is butter soft and oh so divine on the skin. The colourway is Let Us Eat Lettuce and the base is Pandora, from Jolly Jumbuck. I have a few more colourways on this base and am madly searching Ravelry for ideas! I thought the leaf ends went perfectly with this colourway. This Vanilla soaker is completely seamless and a very quick knit.

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