Sunday, March 20, 2011

horse pj's

My son loves horses. He lives and breathes them. He has been riding since he was 3 after a year of searching madly for a school that would let him start as early as possible. He has an entire farm set up in his room, devoted to horses. We thought it was a phase when his love for horses began, somewhere between 12-18m, but at 4 years and 3 months, he is completely and utterly devoted to horses. It's lovely!

I used to ride when I was younger and his passion for horses has reignited mine. I've promised him when he turns 10 we'll go in an endurance ride together. In our town, there are often international endurance rides on, and I always take the kids down to walk around and soak in the beauty of horses. Miss 2 seems to be picking up an interest in horses as well. She tells me when she turns 3 she's going to start horse riding and she's going to come on endurance rides with us.

So what do you make for a boy completely and utterly in love with horses? Horse pj's, so when he's tucked up in bed, no doubt dreaming of all things horsey, he can be wearing them as well! I love my boy :)

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