Tuesday, December 22, 2009

What's in store in the new year

What items have I got planned for the new year? Well more cotton rompers for starters, the beach romper I made had overwhelming positive feedback, so I'm definitely making some for the shop. Ruffle pants, a range of skirts and dresses, more simple style peasant tops and halter neck tops in stunning fabrics, and I'm hoping to have some time over these holidays to finalise the collarless, buttonless shirt I've been working on.

I find the greatest range of so-cool-I-want-my-kid-to-wear-that fabrics are usually woven cottons so I'm hoping to finish this shirt pattern and be able to maximise on the range of beautiful cottons available. Pattern design has been much harder than I thought it would be!

I'm also thinking about boy stuff. Boys get so forgotten in the world of cool and funky fashion. So I'm thinking about tops mostly, and not trucks, trains, cars either. Playful, fun, boys clothing with an emphasis on nature or just plain, bright and loud clothes that boys seem to miss out on!

I'm hoping to make more vintage inspired items next year too. Pinafores, sunsuits, tunics, overalls, all the things I love from times when childhood was about being a child, not about being a mini adult. These will be largely from my Enid Gilchrist collection and I'm really looking forward to going through the process of drafting the designs and making them up.

Speaking of vintage, check out this (small) spread of some of the reclaimed vintage fabric I've got stored.

So what am I thinking of using them for you say? Vintage patchwork! I'm planning on making patchwork flared pants and tiered skirts solely out of the reclaimed vintage materials I have and find. I made my daughter a tiered patchwork skirt for her first birthday (see below) and I love it so much I want to make many more, but not out of scraps, just out of vintage fabric. I'll probably make these in larger sizes (4,5,6) because a) bigger sizes would suit the larger, bolder vintage prints better and b) I've been asked when I'm going to start making larger sizes!

Ok, so now that I've touched base and caught up ith everything, I better get back to Christmas crafting.


  1. Does happy dance at larger sizes!! xx

  2. love that skirt!!! so cute....is that just a simple gathered skirt made from patchwork?


  3. Oh I didn't see your comment M! Yes, I'm cutting larger sizes as we speak (type!).

    Yes the skirt is exactly that- a patchwork tiered skirt. I absolutely love it! I'm planning on doing some colour specific ones, just waiting to build up enough scraps :)