Tuesday, December 22, 2009

New fabric

I've had some stunning fabrics find their way into my cupboard over the last few weeks. Check out this awesome rainbow stripe! I've got 4m of this, so loads to play with. Well, just under 4m. I couldn't resist making my daughter a pair of shorts out of this on the day I bought it. Still... plenty for others :)

Brown paisley. I looooove paisley.

Spots and stripes.

Some of the Emily Bloom collection. These are awesome. They're such beautiful and vibrant colours and they co-ordinate so well. I think these are destined to be ruffle pants/capri's.

Michael Miller fabrics. I love these quality designer cottons. They're such lovely and lively prints. I bought extra of the Birds of Norway print. I heart it.


  1. Oh yum.
    I <3 each and every one of them :-)

  2. omg....so drool worhty!!!! :) can i ask where u got them from?

  3. Everywhere! My local craft shop owner is awesome and gets loads of fabric I love. Some of these were Spotlight and I do buy lots from various sellers on Etsy.

  4. Hi Vanessa! Can you let me know if the EMily Bloom Lilies in Pink/Red (the one third from the left) was from Spotlight in Bris, or elsewhere? Over here in NZ the stores are sold out and I really need some more for one of my handmade lines. Just wanted to see who else stocks it, and can't find much by googling. Thanks!

  5. Yeah I got those at Spotlight at Ipswich. They had heaps last time I was in there, but that was a few weeks ago now.