Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Market day

I'm off to Fernvale Twilight Market again tonight. Here's a sneak peek of what I've finished today; a halter neck top and 5 pillowcase dresses. I'll be listing these at my Etsy store if they don't sell.

It's really really hot here today, thank god for Playschool and air-con! It's enabled me to get quite a lot done today. I'm now finishing up some cute knitted owl and flower hairclips for the market as well. I'm doing that in the coolness of our lounge room, happily out of the sweat shop for now :)

Upcycled Halter Top- Size 2

Mermaid Stripe- Size 2

Flamengo Stripe- Size 3

Brown Owl- Size 3

Upcycled Green Waves- Size 5

Upcycled Sweet Vintage- Size 5

Ok, so now I really need to work on those boys shirts!

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