Friday, January 21, 2011

Op-shop bargains

I went op-shopping with my 3 kiddies today. Check out my bargains!

Op-shop number 1

One of my favourite op-shops, with very low prices and a real mix of everything.

Honourable mentions go to the huge funky dinner plates with red circles round the edge for 50c each, the pink cotton single bed fitted sheet with no elastic that is going to be recycled into a pair of pj's for my daughter for $2, two complete puzzles which will keep my son amused for hours for $5, and a set of gorgeous vintage duck plates for 50c each.

Op-shop number 2

The closest op-shop to me, and it's a super centre. It's HUGE! The kids always head straight to the toys to play and I get to browse around and ferret through everything.

Honourable mentions go to the funky orangey yellow corduroy I found in the fabric pile for $1.50 and the vintage floral woven cotton that seems to match perfectly for $2, a pair of well loved girls Birki's for $6, and a gorgeous handmade dress for $2.

Miss 2 modelling her new dress!

So, as usual, I picked up some lovely fabrics and have wonderful ideas for them.... now just to find the time to make them!