Thursday, March 18, 2010

Handmade Expo 20th March

We're off to the Handmade Expo this weekend. Well, not me per se, but a little original will be stocked at the Mamatopia stall. My friend Cas will be womaning her stall which will feature handmade, upcycled clothing (made by yours truly), handmade slings, wraps and cloth nappies, as well as other mum and baby handmade products that are environmentally sustainable.

I've been super busy and only managed to make these two gorgeous vintage tops to add to my collection, but I have heaps of tunics for this cooler weather we've been having cut and ready to sew... if only I had more time! I'm mainly working on a boys range of tunics because they always seem to miss out on handmade clothes, but I have some very funky floral vintage fabrics that are screaming out to be made into girls tops, so I'll be working on those as well.

This cute vintage peasant top is a size 1.

This colourful vintage peasant top is a size 4.


  1. So gorgeous as usual Vanessa.
    Good luck at the stall.

  2. They look great - good luck with the stall!

  3. These are gorgeous Vanessa! How did the stall go?
    Hope all is going well, and looking forward to seeing more of what you're doing :-)