Saturday, February 27, 2010

Funky vintage flares

The vintage flares are done, and they are uber cool! One pair have already been rehomed, but I didn't manage to get a photo before they found their way to a friends darling daughter, but they were pretty funky. Check them out!

Size 5; recycled curtains:

Size 4; recycled tablecloth:

Size 3; recycled vintage sheeting:

Size 2; recycled vintage sheeting:

Size 2; recycled vintage sheeting:

I learned some lessons in the month or so it took me to get these done. I don't like production lines. I don't like making a bunch of the same things at once. I much prefer making items one at a time, creating as I go and enjoying it. I like the freedom of making several different things in one week, and making each one unique. I don't like custom orders! They're too stressful!

I love using reclaimed and recycled materials. I really love this. I have so much more joy out of creating something out of an old bed sheet, or tablecloth or curtain, than out of some gorgeous brand new designer cotton. I also feel more environmentally responsible when doing this, and this is important to me.

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  1. And she (and I) love them!!! They are so funky and look just great on. Thanks, and *smooch*! xx