Monday, November 23, 2009

Vintage love

Some more vintage love made from upcycyled materials. Both tops are peasant style tops with elastic in the neckline and light airy flutter sleeves.

This first shirt is my favourite vintage item so far. Feminine and delicate, but not pink! I love love love the autumn colours and I added a too cute lace trim at the neckline. It's just beautiful. I'll definitely be making another one for my teeny tiny daughter who is almost 14 months, but still getting around in a 0. Which is hilarious because she was 9lb 6oz at birth. Anyway, the second vintage top looks gorgeous near denim and would look super cute with denim shorts and sandals, perfect for summer!

Again, these are awaiting an a little original label before sale. I'm doing a market on Wednesday night so whatever isn't sold is going to be listed in the shop.

Autumn- Size 4

Playful Vintage- Size 5


  1. Oh, how sweet they are!
    Good luck for the markets on Wednesday :-)

  2. I love them Vanessa. The vintage boy/girl is my fav. So sweet!
    Best of luck!