Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sweet vintage

A few weeks ago my grandmother gave me most of her sewing belongings. Bags of fabric, buttons, ribbons, lace and even her overlocker. She's been sewing for 25 years, so imagine my excitement to sift through bags of vintage lace, buttons and ribbons!

I made these two tops out of upcycled fabric. I used some of my grandmothers buttons and on one of them, used some of her lace. The result? A very sweet little vintage top. I think it is just adorable! The two tops will be listed in my madeit store sometime next week (once my labels arrive- woohoo!).

Lace Garden- size 3

Colourful Floral- size 4


  1. Oh they are yummy. And the buzz of getting your labels! It's so cool!

  2. these are gorgeous!!! i've been meaning to make a top like this for my DD 2. is this ur own pattern? also, is this all cotton? sorry for asking so many question. they are just so lovely!

    yvy @ mistyeiz

  3. Thanks! I'm not sure if it's 100% cotton. It's lovely and soft though. Makes me wish my daughter was bigger!

  4. o dont wish that!! they grow too fast.... :P