Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Today was one of those days where Miss 4 months wouldn't sleep anywhere but on me. So into the Yamo she went, on my back, and I dragged my yarn boxes out to do some winding. It's the one thing I can do happily for hours with a sleeping baby on my back. Mr 4 and Miss 2 were straight over. As usual. Mr 4 is always so eager to try whatever it is that I'm doing, so I showed him how to use the ball winder. I held the yarn for him as I don't have a swift and to my surprise, he wound a pretty decent ball! It's a bit loose, but easily knitable!

Then he wanted to try being the swift for me so I could wind the remaining skeins quickly and make lunch, and again, he held the skein up perfectly and even had the wrist flicks down pat! Anyone who has ever had the joy of hand winding a centre pull ball knows what I mean!

How gorgeous are these two skeins? The rainbow is my kind of rainbow. Bright and fun! The second one is such a stunning metallic shimmer, it's just beautiful. They're both 12ply WOOT, and they're from Fauve Fibres. Love.

I've got some lovely hand painted yarn that I'm going to make into a pair of shorties for Miss 4 months but I needed a co-ordinating colour for the waistband and leg cuffs because I won't have enough of the variegated yarn on its own. So out came the dye pot, the vinegar and food dye. And my audience :)

So all in all we had a wonderful day. Miss 4 months slept for hours, Mr 4 and Miss 2 were busy and happy and I got to dye some wool and cake loads of wool!

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