Sunday, October 25, 2009

Super bulky super fast vest pattern

Super bulky super fast vest. For when you want/need to make something warm for your little one, FAST!

 Sized for an average sized 2 year old

9mm 80cm circs
200g super bulky yarn (mine was 6wpi, and looked like 2 8plys plied together- it is very thick!)stitch holders (I use satefty pins and waste yarn)

10sts per 4”/10cm

CO50, join to knit in the round
Purl one round
Knit one round
Purl one round

Knit one round then continue knitting until piece measure 8” from CO edge (or as long/short as you want to just below armpit)

BO6 st, k19, place these last 19 st on stitch holder/scrap yarn, BO6 st then k19. The BO stitches are the armpits and the 19st on the holder are the back stitches. You will now be working on the front of the vest.

Work in stockinette stitch for 7 rows, ending with a knit row

K6, BO7, K6

You have now just split the front into a left and right ‘strap’, as I will call them, and BO the centre chest stitches. I just left the BO stitches on the circ cable but you can put them on a stitch holder.


Repeat these two rows 5 times, or until strap is desired length (slip it on your child and see if the strap finishes in the centre of the top of the shoulder). Make sure you finish on a purl row. Put these onto a stitch holder and cut yarn.

Attach yarn to other strap and repeat same process, again finishing on a purl row. Place stitches on stitch holder and cut yarn.

Place back stitches from stitch holder/waste yarn onto needle.


Repeat these two rows 8 times, or until desired length. You will add short back straps so be sure to allow 1” for these or else the back will be too long.

K6, BO7, K6

You have now just split the back into a left and right strap, and BO the centre back stitches.You will now be adding a few rows to each strap and you’re done!


Repeat these two rows 5 times, or until strap is desired length.

Now knit each stitch on the needle with the corresponding stitch on the stitch holder to knit front and back straps together and then BO as you go. Do the same for the other side, weave in all ends and you're done!


  1. So cute I'm in! Thanks Vanessa. Could I ask what the wool you used was. It's such a beautiful sunny combo.

  2. It was actually an acrylic from Sullivans. I haven't been able to find it anywhere! I got it at the clearance table at my local craft shop. Sullivans are still open but don't seem to have this anymore. There's no detail on the ball band either, just that it is an acrylic. But I love the colours too :)

  3. THANKS for the great pattern! Just finished it up yesterday and it looks great on my almost 2 year old.